Language of Love Telethon

Guest  List 

We are blessed to welcome Entertainers, Doctors, Healthcare Organizations, and Nurses, Stroke and Aphasia Survivors, Volunteers, Family Friends and so much more!


Streaming & Broadcasting LIVE on Village Connect Network

Exclusive Engineer- Jim Savalli / Exclusive Producer RenéMarie


Judy Marlow – Co- Exclusive Producer

Virginia M. Werner - Executive Producer Entertainment/Speakers 

Nancy Magrini Cavallone - Executive Producer - Entertainment/Speakers

   Michael Angelo – Executive Video Productions - Back of the House


        * List in No Specific Order *



Bridget Oei, Miss Connecticut 2018 –


Maureen Griffin - Ms. New York Senior America 2018 /

  • Radio City Music Hall

Leann Brill -Ms. New York Senior America 2017 

Virginia M. Werner

  • Ms. New York Senior America 2013

  • New York Senior America Board of Directors

  • Ms. Senior USA East - Founding Board of Governors

  • Language of Love Telethon - Executive Producer Entertainment/Speakers 

Leanne Baum – Pending –

  • Miss Long Island® Teen 2010

  • Dream Big, and LOVE the Skin you are in

Catherine Szerszen

  • Ms. Senior USA East 2019

  • Ms. Senior Ireland 2019

  • Ms. Senior Connecticut USA 2017

  • Ms. Senior Connecticut Senior America 2015 

Catherine Zalewski

  • Mrs. NJ United States / Stroke Activist and Survivor


Doctors / Healthcare


Dr. Kimon Bekelis –

  • Neurosurgeon-Director, Stroke and Brain Aneurysm   Center of Long Island                           

Jason Wallen,

  • Registered Radiographic Technologist, Stroke and Brain   Aneurysm Center                                   

Michele Gribko,

  • RN Chair Stroke Club, North Shore University Hospital

  •  Video Appearance – Stroke of Luck TV Show -  8/3/18

Ann Agueli – Founder the Living Network

  • Author

  • Caregiver  Expert

  • Partner with  ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation Inc.


Dr. Michael Evangel -

  • Chiropractic Wellness Center         

  • Tourmaline Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Inventor

  • Host Dr. Mike Show

  • Partner with ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation Inc.

Dr. Fred Dombrow 

  • Tourmaline - President, Chief Operating Officer, Primary Inventor

Jasmine Lai      Acupuncturist   / Certified     Herbalist 

  •  Video Appearance – Stroke of Luck TV Show


Venise Mule Glass – PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, RYT, HSS,

  • Credited    Advance HIP Clinician

  • Director of Sunshine Physical Therapy

  • Chairperson Council of Licensed Physio Therapists of New York State

Laurie Antonacci,

  • Certified USUI SHIKI RYOHO Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher

Mindy Schnell, Speech & Language Therapist,

  • Clinical Educator, Ladge Speech & Hearing Center

Yan Zhang - Acupuncturist

Josh Orlean-

  • Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University.


Stroke Survivors / Family 

Virginia M. Werner

Nancy Magrini Cavallone

Bobby Baby Walker


Michael Angelo

Josh Orlean

Damont Goolsby – Stroke Survivor  

  • Executive Director at Survivor Network

  • Documentary -  “I know I Can”  from Tragedy to Triumph

Dr. Dana Teamor Goolsby-  Damont's wife

  • Ordained Minister

  • Author

  • Teacher


Debra Holly   

Catherine Szerszen

Steven Malinowski

Catherine Zalewski

Brucester Billings

Enid Merin

Keith & Babete Taylor

Stacy Kaplan




David Patrick Wilson – Actor / co-owner Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc.

Sean O'Brien ( Performing with David Patrick Wilson)

Nan Gill-Wilson – Empowering Woman / Everywhere co-owner Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc.

Andrew G. Ratway – Elvis Tribute Artist  

Teri George- Singing Banker            

Louise Bruno - CHER Tribute Artist

Lee Ann Brill - Ms. New York Senior America 2017                                            

Alicia Moss- Spanish/American Singer /New York Senior America                                                                      

Debra Holly – Singer             

Lois Morton – Singer

Nate Moran -   Professional Mime /Motivational Speaker   

Caleb T Johnson – Gospel Singer

Pamela Roth – Comedy

Iris Astrof- Singer

Joe De Clemente -Accordion Player

Laia Kay Composer / Guitar 

Robin Channing-VIPs' Magician

Danielle Trongone - Singer/ Composer - Video

Ann Fisher   - Singer 


Life’s Next Chapter Foundation Inc

Marlon Zapanta ,B.S. PHE, ADC, CADDCT, CDP - President & Founding Member

Khadim Mbow, B.S. PHE Vice-President & Founding Member

Sharon Charles, B.S. PHE, CDP Director of Finance & Founding Member

Etty Simanjuntak, B.S. PHE, CDP Executive Secretary & Founding Member

Samuel Ramirez, B.S. PHE Director of Information Technology & Founding Member

Jacqueline Ventura, B.S. PHE Director of Public and Media Relations & Founding Member



ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation Inc.

RenéMarie Testa Adams - Founder / Board President 
Fulvio Cecere-   Board Trustee Vice President

Jean Perotta - Executive Board Treasure      

Cathy Walker – Board Trustee Secretary

Nancy Magrini- Board of Trustee             
Judy Marlow Ratway - Board Trustee -Executive Director of Public Relations

Fr. Samuel Monaco -  Board of Trustee - Faith Support

Bernie Mc Davitte – Board Trustee  - Public Health Nurse Consultant  

Michael Angelo - Board Trustee

Robert Walker- Board Trustee

Virginia M. Werner - Executive Producer Telethon - Entertainment/Speakers

Ann Agueli – Founder The Living Network

Lori Haber - Social Media - Offsite 



American Stroke Association


Village Connection Network Family


Village Connection Network / Donating Studio Time 

Pamela Roth – The Justice Hour/ Donating Scheduled Show

Evan Ginzburg - The Evan Ginzburg Show / Donating Scheduled Show

Michael Evangel, - Super Mike Show
Bridget Oei, Miss Connecticut 2018
Kimon Bekelis .docx
Fulvio Cecere (L) - VP/ Host
Fr. Sam Monaco
Jason Wallen .docx
Virginia M. Werner, MS. SENIOR INTER
Andrew G Ratway-Elvis Tribute Artist
Judy Marlow
Danielle Trongone - Video
Cathy , Bobby Walker and Bobby 2
Laurie Antonacci - Cert USUI Shiki Ryoho
Nate Moran -   Professional Mime
Video-Michelle Gribko, MS, RN, ACNS-BCm
Louise Bruno - CHER Tribute Artist
Nancy Magrini Cavallone
Brucester Billings
Leann Brill -Ms
Joe De Clemente Performer
Caleb T Johnson – Gospel Singer
Stacy Kaplan / Teresa St. Francis
2018 Language of Love Team
Keith Taylor - Stroke Survivor
Michael Angelo- Stroke Survivor- Board M
Pamela Roth – Comedy/ TV Host
Damont Goolsby - Stroke Survivor
Laia Kay - Guitar Artist - Composer
Nancy Magrini Cavallone-
Catherine Zalewski- Stroke Survivor
Bobby Bany Walker - Stroke Survivor
•	Bob Mandell  – Stroke Survivor
Charlotte Ambrose
Nan Gill-Wilson- Host
Sean O'Brien
David Patrick Wilson - Host
Lori Haber - Social Media - Off sight
Venise Mule Glass - Director of Sunshine
Debra Holly- Stroke Survivor
Mindy Schnell, MS, CCC-SLP Speech-Langua
Josh Orlean-Certificate in Plant-Based N
Dolores Hofman -Video dancer
Ann Agueli
Judy Marlow
Jasmine Lai
Dr. Fred Dombrow -Tourmaline
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