Michael Evangel, - Super Mike Show

Bridget Oei, Miss Connecticut 2018

Breaking NEWS! Bridget Oei, Miss Connecticut 2018, will be joining us on our 5th Annual Telethon! May 5th, 2019 Ms. Oei spoke at the Miss America competition about a young friend who suffered a stroke and she did not know what was happening because she did not recognize the symptoms. She is joining us to help in our endeavor to spread awareness of stroke symptoms. Further details of Ms Oei's appearance to follow.

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Fulvio Cecere (L) - VP/ Host

Fr. Sam Monaco

Jason Wallen .docx

Virginia M. Werner, MS. SENIOR INTER

Breaking NEWS! Virginia M. Werner, MS. SENIOR INTERCONTINENTAL Ms. Senior USA East Founding Member, Board of Governors Being a stroke survivor, Virginia's platform is Rene Marie's Language of Love Foundation for Stroke & Aphasia Awareness. www.msseniorusa.org Language of Love Telethon Executive Producer Entertainment / Speakers

Andrew G Ratway-Elvis Tribute Artist

Judy Marlow

Danielle Trongone - Video

Danielle Trongone - Video / Songwriter

Cathy , Bobby Walker and Bobby 2

Laurie Antonacci - Cert USUI Shiki Ryoho

Nate Moran -   Professional Mime

Video-Michelle Gribko, MS, RN, ACNS-BCm

Louise Bruno - CHER Tribute Artist

Nancy Magrini Cavallone

Brucester Billings

Leann Brill -Ms

Alicia Moss

Joe De Clemente Performer

Caleb T Johnson – Gospel Singer

Stacy Kaplan / Teresa St. Francis

Returning guest Author, Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Animal Communicator and Lecturer Teresa St. Francis. In addition we welcome back Stacy Kaplan, Stroke Survivor and Volunteer at Adler


2018 Language of Love Team

Together, we are lifting our voices and are changing the face of Strokes and Aphasia locally and around the Globe. Co

Breaking NEWS! Catherine Zalewski - Mrs. NJ United States / Stroke Activist and Survivor, After suffering a stroke at 28, Catherine is now an active You're the Cure Advocate -American Stroke Association.

Keith Taylor - Stroke Survivor

Michael Angelo- Stroke Survivor- Board M


Pamela Roth – Comedy/ TV Host

Damont Goolsby - Stroke Survivor

Laia Kay - Guitar Artist - Composer

Nancy Magrini Cavallone-

Stroke Survivor / Board Members


Catherine Zalewski- Stroke Survivor

Bobby Bany Walker - Stroke Survivor

•	Bob Mandell  – Stroke Survivor

Skyping In from Florida -Life is About the Author and Stroke Recovery Foundation Founder


Charlotte Ambrose

Speaker via Skype or Video - pending

Nan Gill-Wilson- Host

Sean O'Brien

Sean O'Brien ( Performing with David Patrick Wilson)

David Patrick Wilson - Host

Lori Haber - Social Media - Off sight


Venise Mule Glass - Director of Sunshine

Debra Holly- Stroke Survivor

Mindy Schnell, MS, CCC-SLP Speech-Langua

Josh Orlean-Certificate in Plant-Based N

Stroke Survivor

Dolores Hofman -Video dancer

Ann Agueli

Judy Marlow

Judy Marlow styf2050@aol.com Executive Director of Public Relations ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation Inc.,/Telethons Executive Board Member Executive Booking Agent, ReneMarie Stroke of Luck TV Show

Jasmine Lai

Acupuncture Practitioner

Dr. Fred Dombrow -Tourmaline

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