2021 Language of Love Telethon

P.O. Box 451 Hawthorne New Jersey 07506 

Language of Love Telethon 



Sunday, Oct , 2021– Starts 9:00 AM  

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Language of Love Telethon P.O. Box 451 Hawthorne New Jersey 07506 


Did you know- 15 million people suffer stroke worldwide each year – 5 million die and another 5 million are permanently disabled.  Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death and 1st leading cause of disability in the United States. On average someone in the USA has a stroke every 40 seconds. These are devastating statistics! Strokes, don’t only happen to our Grandparents! A Stroke can happen to anyone, at any age, even an unborn baby!


Do you know what Aphasia is? A condition characterized by either partial or total loss of the ability to communicate verbally or using written words. Due to brain trauma, injury or Stroke, a person with Aphasia may have difficulty speaking, reading, writing, recognizing names of objects or understanding what people have said. Can you imagine? -   Aphasia is a "silent" life changing effect of stroke or brain trauma!


By knowing the warning signs of stroke and getting help within the first 4-1/2 hours of onset it can be successfully treated.  Unfortunately, the signs of stroke are too often not recognized, especially in a young person.  Education in what to look for can save lives and this is where the Language of Love Telethon for Stroke and Aphasia Awareness come into play.


The  Language of Love Telethon Sunday, October 4, 2020 We are asking you to help us now with a donation so that we can continue to provide the help that so many need.  Please visit our website www.languageoflovetelethon.org and you will find information on how you can easily make a donation, no matter how small, every penny helps.


Inception of Language of Love Telethon:

Founder and President of the Language of Love Foundation, RenéMarie, had a massive Stroke at the age of 26, and suffered from Aphasia. After a long recovery, RenéMarie shared her experience in writing the book "Stroke of Luck", and is now giving back to the community and world through her Internet TV Show, www.renemariestrokeoflucktv.com , RenéMarie Language of Love Foundation Inc. www.renemarielanguageoflove.org  and the annual Language of Love Telethon www.languageoflovetelethon.org !


Language of Love Telethon Purpose:


RenéMarie Language of Love Foundation, is bring education to school - which can not only save a life (possibly your life), but bring hope to survivors – There is Life after Stroke and Aphasia.



Recovery - Financial Aid

Along with awareness and our annual Telethon, RenéMarie’s Language of Love Foundation Inc. mission is to extend support and provide financial aid to stroke victims whose medical insurance resources for rehabilitation have run out.  Rehabilitation is tragically underfunded! Instead of helping people get back to a productive life, it causes long, unsuccessful recovery and, sadly, effects not only the individual.  It often brings tension and stress to loved ones.  Money should not be the determining factor in recovery. 


Stroke Research

For the 5th year in a row, we will be making a donation  to  the American Stroke Association.  Our Donation from the Telethon is  designated to solely benefit funding for stroke research.


We are blessed to welcome Entertainers, Doctors, Healthcare Organizations, and Nurses, Stroke and Aphasia Survivors, Volunteers, Family Friends and so much more!


We cannot do this alone and this is where you come in.  With your support of the 6th Annual Language of Love Telethon we can continue to make a positive and crucial impact! We are asking for your organization, company or hospital to partner with us. 


Enclosed is a sponsorship package that provides information on sponsorship levels. Beyond your sponsorship, we welcome you to join us by participating in Language of Love Telethon.  We look forward to hearing from you.


For information about partnering with us ~ contact (Judy) at styf2050@aol.com or RenéMarie at renemarielanguageoflove@gmail.com or 973.985.0420.


May God bless you throughout your life, may you be healthy and thank you in advance for your kind support in this endeavor.


With Heartfelt gratitude,


ReneMarie Language of Love  Foundation & Telethon  Team


a little more about you.


Judy Marlow-Ratway,

Director of Public Relations


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