Damont Goolsby -

Damont Goolsby - Stroke Survivor - Skype Stroke Survivor Damont Goolsby suffered a massive stroke/ near death experience at the age of 22, just three months after graduating and receiving his diploma from Morehouse College that left him with the mind of a 2 year old unable to walk or talk. After fifteen long years of overcoming and enduring many struggles, he is 80% recovered and working for Goodwill Industries in Detroit, Michigan and is a spokesperson for the American Heart Association.

Bobby Baby Walker

Bobby Baby Walker- Stroke Survivor

Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor-Stroke Survivor / Interview Skype Life is challenging for everyone at some point. Keith was a successful sales executive, business owner, and entrepreneur when he had a sudden stroke at the age of 48 which changed his life forever. Shortly thereafter he knew he had a choice and decided to not only get on with his life, but to help as many others as possible know that they can live a great life after stroke. He now teaches stroke survivors to regain their confidence, and live their l

Enid Merin

Co-Stroke Survivor ~It was past suppertime and Murray didn’t ‘feel right’. Despite passing Enid’s tests (tongue straight out; raise legs and arms, and so on) he couldn’t follow the TV program and thought the single proffered glass of water was in fact two glasses. Negotiating the stairs to change clothes was a nightmare and he thankfully elected not to drive to the ER at St Joseph’s. From there, the couple proceeded by ambulance to the ER at Mercy Hospital where Enid slept for two nights ...

Virginia Werner

VIRGINIA M. WERNER MS. SENIOR INTERCONTINENTAL When I started to really think back about the sequence of events prior to having a stroke and if I had any warning signs that, I remembered that there was something odd happening. I was unemployed at the time and hitting the gym or going out for walks on a regular basis. I recall now that for perhaps a few days before the event I felt somewhat light-headed and out of breath after the exercise. Always having been very healthy.......

Nancy Magrini - Stroke Survivor

Nancy Magrini Cavallone - December 6, 2005, Nancy didn't know it but her life was about to change. She had woken up early to go to the bathroom. Half asleep, she noticed that her left arm was numb and tingling.

Debra Holly

Debra Holly, Stroke Survivor ... who was on vacation when the stroke occurred. Hear her amazing story, the quick response received in rushing to the hospital and learn about her talented singing background and how she is giving back to our communities.

Michael Angelo - Stroke Survivor -

Michael Angelo - Stroke Survivor -

Bob Mandell- Video

About the Author and Stroke Recovery Foundation Founder Bob Mandell Bob Mandell’s dedication to helping others stricken by stroke has led to a new career path as author, stroke survivor coach, public speaker and founder of The Stroke Recovery Foundation, a 501c3. In his prior life, he was a corporate marketing executive, partner in an international management consulting firm, an adjunct professor of Marketing at Fairfield University, and an entrepreneur in the telecommunications field.

Josh Orlean

Josh Orlean -1:30 I awoke and while walking to the bathroom I noticed that my gait, my way of walking, was off. I woke my wife and told her something happened and I was scared. My speech was slurred. 15 minutes later an ambulance was taking me to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, I regained my speech and ability to walk. And then I lost them. I had an ischemic stroke. By the time I was admitted into the hospital, l could not talk, write or type.

ReneMarie- Stroke Survivor

Spiritual Author RenéMarie delivers a message of Hope and Faith. STROKE of Luck shares the details of how God is present in our lives and how HE had been trying to get her attention. This riveting mesmerizing story also describes her challenges and the gift of experiencing a major stroke, April 8, 1989, along with the divine moment of RenéMarie's out of body experience and conversation with God.

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